RPR Syntax

Syntax Examples

This website features a very basic syntax set, allowing you to customize line-by-line different styles of print that comes out of the printer.

When typing the content of your receipt on the main page, add '>:' at the start of the line to add a formatting block. Anything you type to the left of '>:' will be formatting codes. Separate these formatting codes with semicolons ';' to include multiple formatting codes. This will change the formatting for the whole line. Below are the different commands and usage.


Syntax: b>:

This will make text on the line bold.


Syntax: u>:

This will make text on the line underlined.


Syntax: c>:,r>:

This will make the text on the line either centered or right-alligned, respectively.

Inverted Colors

Syntax: i>:

This will make text on the line white-on-black instead of vice-versa.

Font Size

Syntax: m>:,l>:,x>:,z>:

This will increase the text size. They are ordered from smallest to largest above.

Thin Font

Syntax: t>:

This will make use of the printer's alternate font.


b;t;c>This will generate centered thin bolded font.